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Why? Well because the first 90 seconds is a great (and hilarious) answer for anyone who asks "What exactly is a hotep? I don't get it."

And because it was created by Radha Blank, who goes by RadhaMUSprime, writes for Empire, and actually has things like "she's a GhostFace-meets-Moms-Mabley mash up" and "You can expect forthcoming videos for her songs "African Cabbie" and "WMWBWB" (White Man With A Black Woman's Butt)" in her bio.

And because she's a friend and shit.

And because of the pitch-perfect parody of that late 80's/early 90's style of rap, from the voiceovers to the #bigguytwitter guys Cabbage Patching.


And because I said so. (And you'll thank me for it.)