Who doesn’t like it? Disaffected TV housewife stereotypes with diminishing libidos? The castrati?

Everyone else though? Everyone else is pretty into it. Way into it. Maybe “a little too into” considering Kim Kardashian’s entire career trajectory. But would we and our raging hormones, really have it any other way? This is why birth control is a life saver.

Today is the second annual “Thanks, Birth Control Day,” #ThxBirthControl, supported by It’s all about (obviously) how thankful we are for the little pills that are the difference between uninhibited doing it and becoming someone’s “Baby Daddy.”

NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT…but maybe some folks would like to finish college before they start changing diapers.


And we’re not alone! Ninety percent of adults believe that for those doing it with no intention on raising a kid, birth control is the responsible way to go. And a whopping 99 percent of all sexually active women have used birth control at some point. (And we thank you for it too! Thanks, ladies who use birth control. And thanks to ladies in general. And thanks, birth control. We’re just thankful. Thank you!)

Why are we supporting this campaign? Well, along with loving baby-free sex, eight out of 10 adults think more people would use birth control if they knew about the benefits and methods of birth control available. And more than half of sexually active college-age women say they’d be more likely to use birth control if people would just talk about it and its benefits more.

So we’re talking!

Birth control shouldn’t be taboo! (Not when 99 percent of y’all have used it.) Also, having the ability to plan, prevent and determine when you’re ready to have a child benefits everyone! Women, men, children and society as a whole gain from adults having more educational and economic opportunities by being able to decide when they’re ready to get pregnant. So today, let’s tweet #ThxBirthControl and tell the world how great doing without “surprise baby” can be.



But birth control takes the surprise out of surprise baby and makes it “baby you were ready for and planned for.”

And that’s what’s up.

(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. All opinions and stories are my own.)