Tyler Perry Expecting Human Baby: Written, Directed, Produced By And Starring Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry (Christopher Polk/Getty Images)
Tyler Perry (Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Apparently, Tyler Perry announced at his 45th birthday party that he was expecting his first child. Naturally, I figured this meant a mini-Tyler Perry would debut in nothing less than film fashion.


And because one of the stars of Tyler Perry's films are the titles themselves, I came up with five and a possible:

1. Tyler Perry's Diary of A Colicky Black Baby

2. Madea's "I Aint Takin' Care Of No Gottdamn Mo' Kids, Tyler!" Declaration of Independence


3. Why Did I Get Borned?

4. For Colored Babies Who Considered Directing, Producing, Writing, And Starring When Editing Wasn't Enuf

5. The Family Who Baes Together

Possible -  Tyler Perry Presents: Meet The Browns… In This Diaper.


500 Monopoly dollars Tyler Perry also plays the baby in its own biopic, though.

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Wild Cougar

Is there some consensus on Tyler Perry being gay? I haven't heard this. Is there some TMZ type evidence? Links, anybody? Do people hate him so much they can't imagine a woman wanting to be with him? Is that what this is about? I'm confused. I have questions.