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VSB Investigative Report: Who Actually Bought Robin Thicke's Album?

Robin Thicke (Brad Barket/Getty Images)
Robin Thicke (Brad Barket/Getty Images)

25,000 isn't an awful number. There are some artists who'd sacrifice a litter of orphaned kittens to do those types of numbers today. Still, considering how popular Robin Thicke is, a double zirconium first week is not a good look.


But, lets get back to that number. 25,000 units moved means that 25,000 actual people thought it was a good idea to spend their actual money on an album that might actually be the 3rd step in a 12 step program no one will actually complete.

Curious, we did our own investigating to see who made this purchase. Well, we wanted to do an investigation, but we got hungry, went to lunch, and just decided to theorize about it instead.


Anyway, our theories:

Kara Walker, who was commissioned to use the covers of each of the 25,000 albums for her new performance art installment, Gringo Unchained.

Everyone who lives in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Because New Castle Pennsylvanians have always had a thing for Robin Thicke.

Wale, as a peace offering to Meek Mill. Mill, unfortunately, set each copy on fire, and put it on Instagram with the caption "Wale's Face."


Everyone who went to Caribou Coffee between 2pm and 6pm Sunday afternoon.

Robin Thicke himself, who then hand delivered each copy to Paula Patton, hidden inside the world's largest edible arrangement.

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-Donald Sterling
-People who thought it was a reggae album
-Guys dumped by girls named Paula
-People who get points on their white privilege rewards card
-Marvin Gayes estate to make sure he aint steal anything else
-Billy Ray Cyrus because he rather Robin than #Daquan
-Pharrells hat for taking that Blurred Lines hit so he could live