VSB is excited to announce that Tees in The Trap will now be the exclusive retailer of our Bougie Black apparel and all other VSB-related products. We've long appreciated and admired the work they do and the products they sell, and this partnership is long overdue; a fact this picture…


…reminded us of every time we'd see it.

To launch this partnership, Tees in The Trap is offering 15% off of any VSB gear. The sale ends Oct 18th 11:59PST. Use Code: VSBOUGIE.


And, as far as the shirts go, let me just say that they're a much higher grade than the ones we had before. And yes, this…

IMG_0288 (1)

…is a Bougie Black Girl coffee mug that I will be drinking from everyday. (And I don't even drink coffee or tea!)

And yes, this…


…is a Bougie Baby onesie. Please reread that last line to fully embrace the awesome of what that means.

And, when done rereading that line, don't forget to go to Tees in The Trap for the sale this weekend!


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