VSB Presents: The #Blackest Name In America Tournament - And The Winner Is...



*cues up The Commodores  "Three Times A Lady"*

I'd like to commend Va'Shaundya for daring to do the undareable. For being all she could be. For doing all she could do. For excellence in the field of Blackness. #blackexcellence as it were.


For she is our 2014 winner of the #BlackestName in America!



By this point, we've said so much in regards to these names. But I do want to say that from the moment we found ye, Va'Shaundya, we knew ye were special. We all saw it. The glimmer. The sparkle. It was there. The way I want to feel when I meet my future wife is the way I felt when I first saw your name. It gave me hope and made me want to better. It helped me be the best man I could be (I could be…ooooooooooooh…I could be).


So congratulations to you, Va'Shaundya. I will watch you with a renewed vigor as I respect how far you've come given how little your parents armed you with. They set you up, boo.

As always since we have the coolest gang of folks conglomerated here at VSB, here are a few additional comments from the crew:

In the name of basketball wifery, Shaunie should celebrate by throwing a drink… into her mouth. (I don't condone drank wastage. #nodrinkleftbehind shout-out to my girl Lala). Also she not only wins at having the Blackest name, she wins at not being married no mo' to a gentlemen who sounds like monday morning breaf in his gold bond commercial. - Cheekie


*pours a lil liquor out for D'Brickashaws authentic old-school blackness*

People not believing in Brick is why America lost yesterday. Now excuse me while I go off and console my bae Tim. - Shamira aka God Shammgod



I'd like to just say i never doubted Shaunie's ability to win. Va'Shaunydya is a beacon of Blackness that will shine bright like a diamond in Nayvadius's chain.


Sidenote: I never thought I'd see the day where an apostrophe'd name was more Black than D'Brickashaw. - Gem


To everybody who voted and participated…thank you for making it a tourney to remember. And just remember, you don't have to be Black to appreciate #blackexcellence. It is all around you. We are all Malcolm X.

Panama Jackson is the Senior Editor of Very Smart Brothas. He's pretty fly for a light guy. You can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking all her brown liquors.

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How do you pronounce Va'Shaundya without it sounding like you're Juanita Bynum speaking in tongues?