Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

This was a question I asked myself Saturday night, as I noticed that the Uber coming to pick my wife and I up had a Trump/Pence bumper sticker on it. As many of you know, my feelings about Trump supporters are well-documented.

Bit of context: We were headed to a club to celebrate a friend's post-wedding reception party, and caught the Uber because we both planned on drinking. Also, we were already two hours late to the party, and rushing.


Anyway, I see four realistic options here:

1.  Do absolutely nothing, and act as if you didn't notice that the driver you hired is so pro-Trump that he wants his feelings about Trump to be the first thing you know about him.

2. Cancel the Uber, and call another one.

3. Accept the ride, and ask/confront the driver about his bumper sticker.

4. Accept the ride, act normal, and then give him a low rating. And cite the reason why.


(Also, you can do both #3 and #4, if ambitious.)

Anyway, what would you do?