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What Solange Would Have Said About The Fight If She Were One Of Your Cousins

Solange Knowles (Mireya Acierto/Getty Images)
Solange Knowles (Mireya Acierto/Getty Images)

Of course, anyone with any knowledge of how the Knowles/Carter cult handles things knew Solange's public non-response would likely be her official public response to the chicken fight seen 'round the internet. And, admittedly, this is how a family is supposed to handle family business. Leave the passive-aggressive Facebook posts about family to your cousins. (And you, because you do it too.)


Still, it would have been cool if Solange did in fact act like that, and here's a few things she might have said about the fight if she did happen to be that passive-aggressive cousin — or parent — who acts like Facebook is a family-owned message board.

1. "I won't address that fight with that person, because SOME people don't deserve discussion."


2. "Look, what happened, happened. And it might happen again. And it might not happen again. But what happened, happened."

3. "Ugh! I can't stand weak-willed bitches that stay with they bitch-ass men."

4. "Ijs. I'm from Houston."

5. "Does anyone know the number to Divorce Court? Just asking. For a friend."

6. "Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down" is totally on my summer '14 playlist."

7.  "Maybe someone's mad their daughter doesn't really look all that much like him. Ijs."

8. "!!!!!!"

9. "Push me once, I let it slide. Push me twice, I slide you in the mouth."

10. "Fuck both of them."

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