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Anybody who came of age in the ’90s is familiar with 2 Live Crew and Uncle Luke. They brought us classics like “Me So Horny” and “Pop That Coochie.” Luke was the king of party jams, and he brought us many perennial classics. I was at a ’90s party in Atlanta a few weekends back that I had no business being at. I, myself, throw a ’90s party in Washington, D.C., so it wasn’t the music. It makes sense to focus on the ’90s because of how hip-hop and R&B specifically evolved—the music is revered and will always be great for parties and dressing up and shit.


No, I had no business being at this particular ’90s party because I’m almost 40 years old and was probably one of the youngest people in there. I definitely saw your grandma in there, who was partying with me and you, your mama and your cousin, too. Your family that don’t go out often and overdress when they do? They were in that bitch. I saw sequins and stilettos, painted-on beards, zoot suits, Stacy Adams, dudes who obviously never wear suits wearing suits, buttoned-down silk and rayon shirts, etc.

Listen—I’m not judging. I’m happy all of those folks were getting their life at this hotel party in Atlanta. But I was definitely too young to be there, and for the first time in a VERY long time, I looked out of place in my modern clothing choices. Zara? Nah, b. We’re talking Harold Pener and wherever women go to get Harold Pener-esque attire.

While I was there, though, legendary DJ Frank Ski dropped “Scarred” and the room entirely lost its shit. Again, this is a group of people who were probably in their teens through late 30s when Luke dropped his Uncle Luke album with that banger on it in 1996. The room went apeshit. Grandmothers scrubbed the ground, asses replaced faces and the entire room basically leveled up 2000 percent while heels came off and butts got to shakin’. It was truly a sight to see; it took me back to my college years.


Another song that came out WELL before I hit college but is a tag team party jam for “Scarred” is Luke’s 1991 song “I Wanna Rock (Doo Doo Brown).” I think most folks probably just call it “Doo Doo Brown,” though the first time I heard that phrase was from the Baltimore club song of the same name by the Frank Ski-helmed group 2 Hype Brothers & a Dog.

Now, both songs are total club bangers, but I wonder: Which one is better? I realize that this is splitting hairs. And while I originally thought that “I Wanna Rock (Doo Doo Brown)” was the better club jam, the truth is, “Scarred” brought us Trick Daddy Dollars, and almost everything is better when Trick Daddy is involved. I have no idea why he is so likable, but by George, he is—especially on “Scarred.”

Which song makes folks get on the dance floor and get asses moving more assmovedly? I have no idea; I’ve seen entire rooms explode on both songs. Any song with Trick Daddy that mentions Captain D’s, Free Willy, Santa Claus and Pocahontas might be the default winner. But it’s a question worth asking: Which song is the better club jam: “I Wanna Rock (Doo Doo Brown)” or “Scarred”?

You made a pretty boy player wanna know.

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