White Men are Winning at Literally Everything, So Why are they Still so Angry?

Rush Limbaugh (Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)
Rush Limbaugh (Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

Who hurt you, boo? You should smile more. It may feel like the whole world is against you, but do all of you have to be so bitter?

Look at all of your athletes and celebrities with astronomical success. You have special programs to get you into colleges and businesses based almost entirely on your race and gender. You get hella advanced degrees. There are magazines and TV shows and movies centered squarely on you. Even when you think there aren't.  You have 11 white history months. Shit, even some of my best friends are white.

So why are you so angry?

Your president won. He’s angry. The president’s press secretary has a cushy government job. He’s also angry. And even in your declarations about your winning, you’re still angry, as if you’ve finally been relieved of consistent Ls.


Yet you have very few Ls. Okay, except that time in the South when you literally lost. But, at the end of the day, you got back your property, your land, and your money. You got back everything brah.

Oh wait, back implies that you lost something. And really, you never lost your country. I mean, I’m no STEM major, but adding the years of dominating America, subtracting a few years of a Civil War and a handful of black politicians during Reconstruction,  remembering that rich white men in the Union were still white so adding them too, multiplying by 6, adding the seats you got after Reconstruction when the handful of black politicians were kicked out, adding 150 more years of black prison labor and white capitalism, 44 white male presidents, 8 bajillion white male CEOs, add .5 for Barack Obama, carry over the one annnnd yep *types furiously in TI-83 to confirm* you’ve always had this country.


In the last year or so the words “economic anxieties” “white working class” “rust belt” and “middle America” have been bandied about. And guess what, I get it. Both liberal and conservative economic policies for the last 50 years have hurt the interests of labor, the poor, and working class people of all races.  Yet everyone is still only talking about you. Your needs are being prioritized.

And while a critical mass of you in the Midwest either stayed home or quietly voted for a tyrant in 2016, not all of y’all were in that minority who tipped the election. The majority of you have voted for a white Republican guy every election since the 1960s regardless of whether his policies actually align with your needs. And a lot of your women do too. And when your sub-mediocre leader—who need I remind you, won—isn’t outchea throwing Twitter temper tantrums or throwing his own administration under the bus, he's golfing on his resort. He’s not leading a damn thing but his turkey neck towards impeachment. He is not checking for you. But it doesn't matter if he isn’t. Because the whole western world is.


So let that hurt go. You are still white and you are a man. You can take comfort in the fact that you can assault, stab, massacre, stab some other people, steal, kill, rape, threaten, lynch, and did I mention kill, but your power and privilege will generally protect you.

If you step out of your glass case of emotion, maybe, just maybe, think about why you conflate people’s will to destroy white supremacy—that thing that allows people like you to commit atrocities with fewer consequences than anyone else in the world and, often, benefit from them—with the destruction of white people. Or y’know, keep being angry.

Malaika Jabali is a public policy attorney and expert at discreetly bowing people when "Knuck if You Buck" starts playing. She complains about being a broke Millennial on instagram @wokerandbroker.

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Reading Fanon. Fanon is a student of Freud, and sees a lot of damage done to the psyche of black children at the hands of comic books. He suggests that through grade school, children's magazines and history books be developed especially for them. He's writing in the 50's about Antillean children who see the Senegalese as savages. They are taken aback when they realize that they are grouped in with the savages when they get to France.

Let me be specific though. If you're writing history books for black children to develop their sense of self, as armor against the world, At what age should the horrors of slavery be taught?

When will they be ready?