ABC News screenshot

It’s telling how fascinated Donald Trump and the people connected to him seem to be with the suspected sexual prowess and/or deviance of black men.

There’s Ivanka Trump’s reported curiosity with mulatto cocks. There’s Sean Hannity, who suspected “secret sperm” in Kehinde Wiley’s depiction of Barack Obama. Which, hopefully, marks the very last time I have to write “sperm” and “Sean Hannity” in the same sentence, unless it’s “Sean Hannity was eaten by a sperm whale?!?!”


And then, of course, there’s the Darth Cheeto himself, who reportedly “joked” that a friend of Karen McDougal’s—a former Playboy Playmate who claims she had an affair with Trump—liked “the big black dick.”

What exactly is this fascination telling us? I’m not sure. Who knows what lurks in the hearts and loins of peak whiteness? But considering what we know of Donald Trump, it does feel like a bit of projection. Perhaps he hypersexualizes black men because he’s the one out here fucking everyone. He’s the one acting how black men are stereotypically supposed to act. He’s the immoral one who refuses to curtail his sexual urges. He’s the savage.

With that in mind, I’d bet all the cash in Wakanda that Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal ain’t the only women he’s slept with while married to Melania. Of course, if two adults consent to sleeping with each other, there’s nothing legally wrong with that, even if one is engaged in an extramarital affair. Morally? Definitely, but it’s not illegal. Perhaps Married Donald is the white Wilt Chamberlain. Or, better yet, Wilt Chamberlain is the black Married Donald.

Ultimately, he’s just doing what America and white Americans have done since America’s inception, which is do dirt and then claim dark people are inherently dirty.