Why Charlo Greene Quitting Her Job On Air Is The Blackest Thing We've Ever Seen This Week


1. Her name is Charlo Greene and she's a reporter in Alaska. This is an extra Black name in the lower 48. In Alaska, though, this is peak Blackness.

2. She is enterprising, and confident enough in her enterprise to sacrifice a career she presumably went to school for — and paid tens of thousands of dollars for — to pursue the enterprise. This confidence is the same confidence George Foreman possessed when naming each of his sons "George," when George Foreman convinced everyone a clothes iron attached to scrap sheet metal was a must-have grill, and when George Foreman named that grill after himself. This level of irrational confidence mixed with rational talent is some Black-ass shit.

3. Her boldness clearly discombobulates the nearest non-Black woman, whose reaction may be the best part of the video. If Charlo is peak Blackness, the anchor is what happens when non-Blacks first encounter peak Blackness.


4. She's effectively quitting her job to smoke weed everyday, when normal behavior is to smoke weed everyday after you quit your job. This subversive paradigm shifting is very Black

5. The first 20 seconds of her video roll include her locking herself in the trunk of a car, speaking about "heat" and "getting naked," and lying to a cop about her camera. Not only is she extra Black, but I think I'm in love.

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Charlo is what the Civil Rights movement intended to achieve. A Black person in the whitest environment possible, losing all the f*cks they have to give, walking off (with the figurative microphone drop) to do some sh*t that she really cares about.

I don't believe in post-racial America, but I do believe she has achieved the American dream. White people might not say it out loud, but she also achieved the highest level of white life. She is everything…and everything is she.