Why I'm Totally Here For Kyla McMullen's List Of 73 Sexy Science Sistas


1. Because my homie Dahlia Haynes is on it. She's #30. And I don't know if she's rocking a shirt or one of Jadakiss's jean jackets with the sleeves cut.


2. Because I can think of several women who could have made the list, but didn't — including the women I profiled for EBONY's "Sistas in Stem" last year (Haynes was one of them). This gives me an opportunity to exhibit faux outrage. And you can't pass up opportunities for faux outrage. I am an internet Black person, after all.

3. Because NSBE conventions are like Freaknik before everyone knew Freaknik was Freaknik, but for Black people with Uber accounts.


4. Because NSBE conventions, again. Because they give you opportunities to use this pick-up line:

"Do you know what NSBE stands for?"


"Me neither. Let's fuck."

5. Because I'm here for Black women with glasses.

7. Because at least 20% of this list could have been in the #blackestname tournament, which makes it even more awesome.

8. Because I'm getting married in a month. This really has no relevance here. But I know my fiancee will read this and wonder why I'm writing an ode to 73 sexy Black women, so this is my way of saying hi. "Hi, babe!"

9. Because Tiffany Griffin (#38) is taking a picture while holding a cup of strawberries, and I like strawberries.


10. Because Nancy Douyon (#58) obviously didn't get the memo about submitting a short bio. Basically, she'd fit in perfectly at VSB.

Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VSB, a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times, and the author of What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Blacker (Ecco/HarperCollins)

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Thanks for your coverage of the four beautiful successful doctors and thanks Dr. Kyla M for extending the list: http://www.kylamcmullen.com…

The negatively in which Kyla's list of was received by some is amazing. Although no other list that I'm aware of has been created like this, and it covers 73 scientists (Business Insider covered 50 scientists), many people focused on who was not on the list or pointed out that that the list isn't exhaustive. Its my opinion that the list creates a foundation…a start, and we can all contribute to it being extended.