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1. There's a particular strainĀ ofĀ Blackness that creates the particular strainĀ of Black person who'd create a meme like this. Perhaps it was their upbringing. Or the particular type of education they received. Or maybe even experiences they've had as an adult. Either way, however they got there, they are ashamed of Black people. Of Blackness. BecauseĀ they believe we're pathologically dysfunctional. And they also feel duty-bound to separate themselves from this dysfunction. To remind everyone that they #staywoke while the rest of usā€¦take naps? (I don't know.)

Anyway, the person who created this meme does not give a damn about whether parents who watch Empire give a damn about their children's homework.Ā This was created by a person so ashamed of Blackness that they wanted to shameĀ Black people for enjoying something they believe does not promote the most positive portrayals of Blackness. It's respectability memeing marinated in a bucket of concern trolling.

In summary, I do not know who created this. But I have no doubt this person is a no-fun, terrible person who takes showers with socks on and takesĀ pretzel salads to potlucks.

2. In contractions, the apostrophe is commonly placed where the letters were removed. For instance, "don't" is a contraction ofĀ "do" and "not." The apostrophe comes after the "n" and before the "t" because the "o" in "not" was removed to create that word.


And, when "you" and "all" are contracted, it becomes "y'all."

It is not "ya'll."

This is a common mistake people make. And it's usually not something worth mentioning. But when you're calling parents out for not checking their children's homework, perhaps you shouldn't show everyone that your parents still need to check yours.