Why This Kid's YMCA Membership Card Pic Is The Blackest (And Cutest) Thing We've Ever Seen This Week


1. He's shooting a jumpshot with the form people use when they want to mimic shooting a jumpshot, even though that's no one's actual jumpshot form. Basically, it's a "We Fly High" (Ballin') video jumpshot. This is Black.

2. Even though this is a pretend jumpshot with pretend form, his smirk clearly lets you know that his pretend jumpshot went in. In fact, there's no doubt whatsoever that this pretend jumpshot is going in the pretend hoop. You could even see him pretend running down to the other end of the pretend court before the pretend jumpshot went in, like a pretend second grade Swaggy P. This level of confidence in your abilities is Black.


3. This is a timeless photo. From looking at it, you can't tell if he's a kid from 2014 or 1974. You could totally imagine him either walking in a mall today or being the lead character in a 70's sitcom called "Mr Charlie's Crew" about the hi jinks of a precocious 10 year old and his 4th grade basketball team.

4. He has a special type of Black kid cuteness and coolness that makes both childless Black men and women think about having kids. Inspiring people to think about creating more Black people is about as Black as it gets.

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