Illustration for article titled Why This Picture Of Joe Biden Counting Cash And Eating Ice Cream Is The Blackest Thing Weve Ever Seen Today

William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

1. Although Bill Clinton has been a honorary Black American so long that he's basically honorary Black emeritus, Joe Biden is the one who truly deserves that honor. Because he's been an outspoken advocate for civil rights. And because along from Huck from Scandal, he's the only other White man to willingly serve under a Black person for eight years.


2. Because the only people who can get away with wearing aviators indoors while counting money are Black rappers and old Jewish women playing Bingo. Biden is obviously neither of these things. But he's been on Parks and Recreations before and Aziz Ansari knows Kanye West, so this practically makes Joe Biden a Black rapper.

3. Because he's giving someone two $10s, which means he has nothing smaller than $10s in his wallet, and not carrying any small bills is something every Black man's quasi pimp uncle taught him when he was eight.

4. Because the face he's making is the same face every lactose intolerant Black person makes when they're like "Fuck this lactose intolerance. I'm eating some damn ice cream today!"

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